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Learning to live with ADHD

I've always had trouble staying focused, but it wasn't until sophomore year when it became a problem. An atomic bomb dropped on me when I got three Cs. They were in honors English, chemistry and AP European history. I was used to getting As, but was having a hard time taking the tests... read more.

'You dust yourself off and carry on.'

Prince William has described having his own family as the "silver lining" in his life following the tragedy of his mother's death. The Duke, who was 15 when his mother died, said people who lose parents at a young age have to simply "dust yourself off and carry on"... read more

Saving privacy

Since the rise of what was called Internet 2.0 about a decade ago, nearly all Americans have shared their beliefs, values, social and commercial proclivities, and patterns of behavior with a handful of Web-based companies. In return, the companies have shared with everyone and profited fantastically ... read more

The search for Earth 2.0

The science of exoplanets has just had its biggest breakthrough, and it raises age-old questions about our place in the wider scheme of things. George Pendle shadows the planet-hunters ... read more