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Why I Dropped Out

Today a lot of teenagers are dropping out of school and finding their education in the street. I was one of those kids. My problems started in middle school. That's when trouble became my middle name. The school I went to was a bad school, so I adapted to the foolishness.... read more.

The Search for the Anti-Facebook

You're tired of Facebook. I'm tired of Facebook. Your cousin, your grandmother, and Josh Miller's teenage sister are tired of Facebook. Babies who haven't even been born yet are already tired of Facebook. I've heard tell of far-off countries in which some people are not yet tired of Facebook ... read more

Candy: The next battle in America's health war?

On almost every day of the year, Room W471 on the fourth floor of Chicago's enormous McCormick Place convention center is as unremarkable as any corporate meeting room you might imagine. It is gray. Or perhaps beige. Never mind. .... read more

Music to your ears

Sound samples. Tracks. Distortion. ProTools. All terms used in the music recording industry. Whereas recording one's music used to be an expensive undertaking, nowadays much of it can be done from home – even without ‘real' instruments. This web task offers you a glimpse into the business of three studios.